Aromatherapy Massage


Price £50.00 (1 hour and 15mins).

An aromatherapy body massage treatment at Diva in Farnham is tailored to your needs as a client considering skin type, mental, emotional and physical condition. After a thorough consultation, I will choose up to 3 essential oils which will be added to one or two carrier oils. Aromatherapy massage is a gentle and relaxing treatment.

Essential oils applied in Aromatherapy are highly concentrated natural oils. These are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, peel, resin or bark. They can be absorbed through the skin by massage, application of a cream, lotion or compress to which they have been added. Alternatively, the oils can be inhaled.

Aromatherapy can help with:
• anxiety, stress, tiredness or insomnia
• muscular aches and pains
• headaches
• digestive problems
• menstrual or menopausal problems
• different skin types and conditions


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